Costa Rica Trip: It’s a Big Game Fishing Time

big game fishing in costa rica

If you are dreaming about big game fishing and cannot decide on the place, Costa Rica angling facilities welcome you! Costa Rica is a fishermen’s Mecca, since it offers possibility of both salt and freshwater angling along wide network of rivers and lakes as well as on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Caribbean Sea on the east. Perfect geographical position (eight degrees north of Equator), magnificent pristine nature and friendly people will make your angling experience unforgettable.

Are You Ready for Big Game Fishing?

You have nothing to worry about if fishing is not your cup of tea. Everything in Costa Rica breathes with sea and fishing, thus it is not a problem to find a professional angler who will teach you the most efficient techniques used for local fish species. Costa Rican fish is known for its huge sizes and unusual look, so we would like to introduce the most popular species anglers from all over the world come for to Costa Rica.


Tarpon is a top fish of the big game in Costa Rica. These inhabit shallow waters of the Caribbean and hence can be caught with light fishing tackle. As a rule, the most beneficial areas are mouths of streams and the seashore (approximately within 500 yards). The best season for tarpons hunt is a period of summer months from May till November. Tarpons are known as excellent fighters and it can be a quite challenging and adventurous task to catch them.

Sailfish, Billfish and Marlins

These species can be caught all year round along both coastlines of Costa Rica. Catch three fishes in a day to have a Costa Rica Slam. Just one more catch and your game is called Costa Rica Grand Slam.


The most beneficial season for tuna fishing is between August and October. The fish is caught on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The trophy can range from 12 to 30 pounds on average and sometimes up to 400 pounds! Yellowfin is the most frequent tuna species caught here.

There exist many other unique but less popular species caught in Costa Rica, such as wahoo, snook and dorado. These inhabit shallow waters close to the shore and are usually caught during the tarpon pursuit.

Fishing Resorts

The most popular fishing resorts in Costa Rica are Tortuguero and Barra Colorado ports (the Caribbean coast) and Los Suenos Marina and Quepos (the Pacific coast). These are the main centers for big game fishing, although there exist smaller cities and ports which are also very cozy and practical in terms of relaxation and angling. Although there is always a plenty of charter boats and lodges for rent, we recommend you to book them beforehand, as well as to plan your unforgettable Costa Rica trip thoroughly in advance.

Developed touristic facilities and charters featuring high level of big game fishing expertise, magnificent nature, diversity of fish species and friendly people make Costa Rica a great place for angling, relaxation and rejuvenation.

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