Costa Rica Fishing Charters For Your Ideal Vacation

costa rica fishing charters

Costa Rica has been a hotspot for fishermen all over the world for decades. Its magnificent sceneries, transparent blue waters of the Caribbean and the Pacific coastline in combination with developed touristic facilities make it perfect destination for those who would like to try their strength in a big game fishing. If you are going to angle in this beautiful area, you have two options: you may go on your own or you may book one of the Costa Rica fishing charters, known for their high level fishing expertise and experienced guides and anglers.

In this article we are going to discuss the most common things and tips you would like to know when going to your first Costa Rica vacation. These will include recommendations on Costa Rica charters trips selection, finding accommodation and other pieces of useful additional information.

Things to Consider Before Booking Costa Rica Fishing Charters

Booking a charter is a rather quick and effortless task, although there are many things you many want to check and to get to know before purchasing one. By doing this, you will make sure that the trip you ordered is exactly what you were looking for.

  1. Choose a destination. Site destination depends mainly on the fish species you would like to catch. Costa Rican land offers great opportunities both for fresh and saltwater angling, thus you may stick to the one waterbody type or try several during your vacation. Costa Rica is washed by the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Caribbean Sea on the east along with rich network of rivers and inland lakes. Hence, all of the fishing charters in Costa Rica travel either to North, Central and South Pacific or Caribbean areas. Marlin, sailfish, wahoo and snook are commonly caught in the South Pacific (Drake Bay, Golfito, Puerto Jimenez etc). North Pacific is a home for dorado, tuna, roosterfish and other species (Tamarindo, Carrillo, Flamingo destinations). Tarpon, calba, tripletail and others roam in the blue waters of the Caribbean Coast (Tortuguero and Barra del Colorado).
  2. When you know the destination you may look for Costa Rica fishing charters, taking into account the cost, quality of service (customer’s feedback and testimonials) and your angling needs. There are packages offering sea travel and fishing only as well as those providing accommodation and nutrition. All inclusive packages are also very popular as they include airport transfers and a lot of additional activities and tours in Costa Rica, besides fishing. By booking such a tour (a family package, for instance), you will be sure that every family member will find exciting things to do, but angling.

As a rule, sport fishing trips to Costa Rica are very challenging and exciting because of the fierce fighting spirit of the local fish species. In general, the charters are inexpensive and quite affordable. Don’t hesitate to purchase one: you will be amazed by the rich fertile waters of the land set between the Pacific and the Caribbean offering you the true treasures of the nature.

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