Costa Rica All Inclusive Resorts Are Fishing for Compliments

costa rica all inclusive resorts

Set between the Pacific on the west and the Caribbean on the east, fertile Costa Rican land is a true paradise offering a diversity of exciting and adventurous activities. For decades it has been a Mecca for anglers, eco tourists and surfers. Today there is a plenty of Costa Rica all inclusive resorts both along the Caribbean and the Pacific coastlines providing all kinds of fun and entertainment, which we are going to list and describe in this article.

Costa Rica All Inclusive Resorts Activities

Costa Rica is a land of surf, angling, wildlife and peaceful friendly people. Whether you are looking for tranquil blue water beaches or extreme zipping and sport fishing, the versatile resorts in Costa Rica welcome you. By purchasing one of the all inclusive packages you will make sure you and your family or friends will definitely find an exciting activity for themselves.

So, let’s take a look at the most interesting things to do in Costa Rica:

  1. Sport fishing. Costa Rica has been a haven for anglers for decades. Fishermen all over the world go there to experience world class fishing and to catch their Grand Slam (three different big game fish species caught within a day). There are Costa Rican legends and myths about fish size and monstrous sea creatures which practically come true when you step on its land: the fish are huge and monster-like. If you decided to angle, you may do this on your own or join one of the ubiquitous charters.
  2. Surfing. Experience the adrenaline pumping waves of the best surfing hotspots in Costa Rica, one of which is Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. The reef break there is rather daunting, although the beaches and overall atmosphere are very easy going and calm.
  3. Adventure Parks. As a rule, a lot of the Costa Rica all inclusive resorts include a canopy tour to the pristine cloud forest of Monteverde. There you can literally ‘walk in the sky’. The rich vegetation and moisture level create paradise like sceneries you will never forget. It is also a possibility to observe rare flora and fauna species. For brave souls, there exist zip line tours. These are set on the trees of different height and will definitely make your heart double beat along with adrenaline pumping in your veins.

Now, when you know several things to see and to do, you can look for and order these in your Costa Rica all inclusive package. Start your preparations and order the trip in advance to save some money and have ample of time to get ready for your magnificent vacation. Costa Rica all inclusive resorts are the best option for families who would like to relax, rejuvenate and experience all of the possible activities the country can offer. Costa Rica has so many places to visit, that choosing tours and activities will be the hardest part of your order.

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