Costa Rica Fishing: I love This Game!

costa rica fishing

Rich coastal waters of Costa Rica are undoubtedly a paradise for anglers from all over the world. Being washed by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the coastline facilities offer the world class Costa Rica fishing experience for everyone: from a novice to a skilled angler. Find out what is so special about local angling and what are the best options for Costa Rica active vacation below.

The Spot

The perfect location of this tiny, yet beautiful country several degrees north of the Equator makes it a true fishermen haven. Costa Rica sport fishing facilities encompass two major coastlines (the Pacific to the west and the Caribbean to the east) as well as a wide net of lakes and rivers. This allows a variety of fishing approaches to be used there. Have you ever heard of Costa Rican ‘super grand slams’? If catching three different types of marlin and a sailfish within a day sounds miraculous to you, you definitely haven’t been to Costa Rica. Moreover, besides sportfishing, there is a lot of activities to do there, thus you will never get bored in the land of a big game.

Costa Rica fishing calendar

Costa Rica offers great opportunities for unforgettable fishing all year round, but still, if you are interested in the particular species or certain fishing style, you need to get acquainted with Costa Rica fishing calendar. If you are dreaming about spear-billed marlin go to the north in June and July, but if your goal is tuna and dorado, you’d better plan your trip from June to October. Strong winds come to the north part of the state in December and finish in March, thus during these months the central part (Quepos and Los Suenos) are the best option for successful fishing. If you are going to have a winter vacation, Golfo Dulce waters, which are located in the south are perfect for grand game and vivid memories.

Diversity of Species

deep sea fishing in costa rica

Geographical position and ample of salty and fresh bodies of water determine the extreme diversity of the Costa Rica fishing species. When planning your trip, you may stick to one fishing style or mix them. The compact size of the country equally allows saltwater and freshwater fishing even during short holiday.

There exists a popular misconception that sportfishing in Costa Rica is limited to saltwater only. However, hundred of miles of rivers and lakes produce here a lot of fish which require special angling techniques and can be fun to catch. Lake Arenal is the most popular freshwater body which is practically loaded with rainbow bass. The lake is accessible for fishing all year round, although there are certain periods requiring freshwater angling license. Seasons can vary from year to year, hence it is better to check them beforehand. Besides the Lake, plenty of rivers also have rainbow bass along with bobo, mojarra, drum and other species. For tarpon and snook fishing Cano Negro lagoon and the Rio San Juan are recommended.

Don’t be afraid if you can’t tell a rainbow bass from a mojarra, the Costa Rican species are so unique and unusual in their look, that you will unhesitatingly name all of them after your angling adventure. Rainbow bass, for instance, is known as a fierce fighter and it is always very exciting to catch it.

Deep Sea Costa Rica fishing is also very adventurous and exciting. If you are diagnosed tarpon and snook fever, rush to the Caribbean coastline to treat it! Don’t forget to take pictures with your monstrous catch – the fish is so gigantic that no one would believe you caught it yourself without having a reliable photo proof.

Costa Rica Fishing Trip Checklist

If you seriously consider going to sport fish in Costa Rica, there is a lot of things to plan and organize beforehand, among which are:

  • deciding on the place and fish species you would like to catch;
  • booking flight tickets;
  • reserving hotel suites;
  • buying/renting fishing equipment and many others.

Organizing Costa Rica fishing trips can be less burdensome in case of purchasing all inclusive tours. The variety of such tours (for singles, couples, families and groups) offers different angling activities which will be prized both by those who prefer active rest and those who are looking for tranquil serene blue water beaches.

Go Wild in Costa Rica

beautiful costa rica photo

Besides fishing, Costa Rica can offer numerous adventurous activities you may want to experience:

  • You can enjoy eco-tourism which had been on the high level in the state even before it became popular all over the world.
  • You may literally walk in the clouds – visit the tropical cloud forest with its splendid vegetation including mosses, ferns and orchids. The forest is known for its clouds which gently cover the canopy of the trees and are formed under the influence of the geographical factors.
  • For those who are looking for extreme, Costa Rica can offer zip line tours. Brave souls can enjoy zipping between trees of various height getting unforgettable impressions and unbelievable pictures.
  • Enjoy surfing on the beautiful Costa Rican beaches.

If you still have not decide on your upcoming vacation site, review the advantages of the Costa Rica fishing trip and start taking actions to embody it today:

  1. The people of the state are reported to be nice and friendly.
  2. It is a safe place for you and your family in all terms.
  3. The small area offers a variety of things to do, thus all of your family members will be occupied and entertained.
  4. Costa Rica fishing trips are rather affordable (of course, if you plan your trip in advance).
  5. You can catch the biggest game in your life there. Or even beat an IGFA record!

The land of Costa Rica is a stunning combination of rich fresh lakes and rivers along with blue waters of the sea and the ocean. The incredible diversity of species, high quality facilities and ample of activities will not leave you and your family indifferent to this extreme experience. Discuss the possibility of sportfishing trip with your family and friends and they are bound to love the idea!